19 Most Inspirational TV Shows for Interior Design

19 Most Inspirational TV Shows for Interior Design

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By Dikran Seferian July 24, 2022

With a variety of streaming platforms and constant waves of new releases, you’re spoilt for choice for your next binge-watching session. Among the sitcoms and blockbusters, however, one genre that has its fair share of shows revolves around design and architecture. You can find a whole list of house designing shows on just about anything from remodeling to real estate, to interior design. Much of this boom in the design genre is due to the growing obsession with interior styles. If you’re part of that consensus, these television series might catch your attention. 

1. Cabins in the Wild (Netflix)

On Cabins in the Wild, each structure has its very own story. Craftsman Will Hardie and Engineer Dick Strawbridge explore eight unique cabins — such as one designed after a dragon’s eye and another one after the cockpit of an airship. In the meantime, the two team up to work on designing a cabin of their own.

2. The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes (Netflix)

Starring award-winning architect Piers Taylor and property connoisseur Caroline Quentin, The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes combines the beauty of architecture with world travel. The pair visit oddly designed homes in countries like Spain, Norway, and India. Each episode in this inspirational TV show features a handful of innovative, one-of-a-kind living spaces that are sure to drop some jaws. It’s safe to say that this Netflix series is arguably one of the best design shows.

Award-winning architect Piers Taylor stars alongside Caroline Quentin in The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes (Beechen Cliff School/Wikimedia Commons).

Award-winning architect Piers Taylor stars alongside Caroline Quentin in The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes (Beechen Cliff School/Wikimedia Commons).

3. Amazing Interiors (Netflix)

This home design TV show is where the wildest design fantasies come to life. Watch as homeowners how they’ve arranged their eccentric living spaces to correspond with their hobbies and ways of life. You’ll see a full-sized fish tank in the living room for scuba diving, an origami-inspired home, a house of horrors, a backyard roller coaster, and many more. 

4. House Hunters International (Hulu and Discovery+)

Among the several spinoffs of the acclaimed HGTV series House Hunters, this design TV show is about the trials and tribulations of couples, families, and individuals trying to choose from three homes presented to them by real estate agents. The international edition of the series is where buyers look for homes everywhere from Brazil to the Czech Republic while dealing with the challenges of buying homes abroad.

5. Extreme Homes (Hulu and Discovery+)

Unconventional is an understatement when describing the structures in this television series. The show witnesses homeowners showcasing their oddly designed living spaces. You’ll see a house shaped like an accordion, one constructed to look like Easter eggs, and another built entirely out of fridge panels. It’s safe to say that Extreme Homes is one of the best design TV shows

6. Rock the Block (Discovery+)

Design-show personality Ty Pennington returns to host another competition series. In Rock the Block, stars from other famous design shows face each other. The contestants are supposed to design a whole house built exclusively for the show, which has drawn the attention of experts such as Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent.

American TV host Ty Pennington is known for a variety of shows including Rock the Block, Trading Spaces, and Ty Breaker.

American TV host Ty Pennington is known for a variety of shows including Rock the Block, Trading Spaces, and Ty Breaker.

7. Desert Flippers (Discovery+)

Set in Palm Springs, California, this house designing show sees Eric and Lindsey Bennet bringing their own touch to the sunny town. The couple searches for neglected houses to renovate from scratch. And they do so while dealing with natural elements such as scorching heat as well as creepy crawlies like scorpions and rattlesnakes.

8. Dream Home (Amazon)

Contrary to what the name might suggest, Dream Home is actually about modest living. This series revolves around real-life problems that have to do with small spaces, multigenerational homes, as well as homeowners who don’t like change. The show invites interior designers to intervene and revamp the houses, ultimately solving the issues. 

9. Flea Market Flip (Hulu)

Hosted by Lara Spencer, Flea Market Flip is built on the notion of “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. Participants are given a budget of $500 to look through flea markets in search of pre-owned items to buy and restore, before flipping them for a profit. 

Lara Spencer gained her fame by co-anchoring ABC’s Good Morning America.

Lara Spencer gained her fame by co-anchoring ABC’s Good Morning America.

10. Home (Apple TV+)

This documentary series on Apple TV+ is a real treat for the eyes. Each episode explores some of the most fascinating homes across the world while tapping into the masterminds behind them. You’ll notice a lot of emphasis on sustainability in this inspirational TV show — while it is applied to both futuristic designs as well as average homes. 

11. Interior Design Masters (Netflix)

10 aspiring designers from the United Kingdom compete against each other in redesigning various spaces in this Netflix series. Throw in a few background stories about regular people finally being able to follow their ambitions and you’ll be binge-watching this renovation show for hours on end. And let’s not forget the prize: the chance to renovate the lobby bar of a top hotel in London. 

12. Million Dollar Beach House (Netflix)

Set in the Hamptons, this interior design TV show features a whole lot of drama among the real estate agents of Nest Seekers International. Between the outbursts and the tantrums, however, you’ll see some awe-inspiring mansions. Whether you’re watching the show for the exciting drama or the villas, it’s always fascinating to see the architectural variety of the ritzy Hamptons — ranging from classic shingled to ultra-modern beach houses. 

13. Dream Home Makeover (Netflix)

With their proven expertise in fresh, understated, and trendy interiors, Syd and Shea McGee give real family homes a massive upgrade. The design TV show is chock full of tips for those looking to transform their homes into an Instagram-able interior design paradise. Make sure not to miss the behind-the-scenes where the McGees little daughters Ivy and Wren make regular appearances. 

14. Tidying Up With Marie Kondo (Netflix)

Tidying Up With Marie Kondo tackles all you need to know about decluttering your living spaces.

Tidying Up With Marie Kondo tackles all you need to know about decluttering your living spaces.

Ever since it made its way to Netflix in 2018, Kondo-mania has taken the nation by storm. Whether you’ve seen the show or not, you’re probably familiar with Marie Kondo’s signature decluttering question: “Does it spark joy?” — a question that has even been the object of memes all over the internet. The show gives out helpful tips for a spring clearout as well as ideas on how to organize your space for a more serene atmosphere. 

15. Marriage or Mortgage (Netflix)

Similar to the outline of Love It or List It, this design TV show is where couples look at homes with a real estate agent and wedding venues with a wedding planner. The couples ultimately decide whether to spend their money on a down payment for the house or to splurge on a fancy wedding. 

16. Tiny House Nation (Netflix)

The tiny house trend is bigger than ever in this design show. Together with expert Zack Giffin, host John Weisbarth helps homeowners undergo a huge downsizing in terms of space and possessions. Each episode of this series shows the team getting to know families who are planning on going small. And after assessing the specific needs of each family, Zack and John custom-build mini homes for them. 

17. Unspouse My House (Discovery+)

Spring cleaning can entail a huge relief, more so if it means discarding the remnants of a relationship after a breakup. That’s where Unspouse My House comes in. In this inspirational show, a designer helps newly single homeowners rethink their living spaces in an effort to kick off a fresh chapter in their lives. 

18. The Home Edit (Netflix)

The Home Edit sees storage gurus Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin organizing the drawers and cupboards of top celebrities such as Eva Longoria and Reese Witherspoon. You’ll get insider tips about decluttering your wardrobe, rearranging your paperwork, and organizing your bookshelf to resemble something out of Pinterest. 

19. Honorable Mention: Succession (HBO)

From floor-to-ceiling windows and prestigious interiors of a TriBeCa apartment to water views from a Southampton manor, Succession pairs high-end drama with lavish interior design. Although it’s obviously not a home design TV show, this HBO series is sure to inspire some home decor sensibilities.


Written by
Dikran Seferian

Written by Dikran Seferian