7 Window Bench Ideas For Maximum Comfort

7 Window Bench Ideas For Maximum Comfort

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By Mateos Glen Hayes June 09, 2022

Any room with a window can be made immediately better with a window bench. These window seat ideas allow for extra comfort and practicality in any space and can also be used to add dimension and style wherever they are. The extra seating means there is always a great place for your guests to plop down and soak in the wonderful sunlight and enjoy the amazing views.

Many window benches come with some form of storage as well, making them perfect for when you need a little extra space for your items. And let’s be honest, we all always need a little bit more room for all our stuff. The beauty of a window bench is also in its versatility. It can be basically whatever you want it to be, from a cozy reading nook to a beauty corner in your bathroom, to even a little cafe-like setting in your minimalist kitchen.

How Do You Make a Simple Window Seat?

Window seats are quite simple to make.

Window seats are quite simple to make.

This ultimately depends on how involved you want this project to be and what you want to get out of your window bench. You can of course completely retrofit any style of the window sill with a bench that is built-in. This approach yields considerable benefits since it means you have more storage space and can invest in sturdier, more comfortable seating. This also means that your bench can be bigger and attached to the wall, which simplifies keeping it clean and in good shape.

However, this window bench idea will mean removing the existing window sill, getting measurements correct, and will likely require you to get a window bench tailor-made for your exact measurements. If you want a simpler option, you can also get a small bench and slide it under an existing window sill. This makes the entire process far simpler, but it sometimes does limit where you can put a window bench. Generally, you will only be able to add a window bench in places where you have straight window sills because curvy ones will be hard to find a good fit for.

Standalone benches can be good quality pieces but the more affordable versions may not always be consistent in this regard. You will also have less say in what finishes or upholstery you want your bench to have, so that is something to bear in mind if you want to have something that matches your tastes. 

Bench Design Ideas 

Complete your reading nook with a window bench.

Complete your reading nook with a window bench.

The other important question to answer is “what do I want a window bench for?”, meaning it is important to think about what purpose your bench will serve not only practically but also stylistically. Different window seat ideas are suited for different purposes. For example, you might want something to complete your reading nook, or simply a place where you can chill out from time to time. Plus, a window bench might be part of renovating or replacing your windows, giving you a chance to get two birds with one stone. 

1. Coffee Corner 

If sipping an espresso, sitting by a window, and watching life go by is your speed, this is exactly the window bench for you. There are two ways to go about making a window bench into a coffee corner, and both of them are pretty easy to build. You can, of course, use a standard window bench that you would use for a reading nook. These couch-like benches can have wall sockets built into them, allowing you to charge your devices as you enjoy a cup of your favorite brew.

Alternatively, you can try a simpler approach by simply mounting a plank of wood so that it is mounted across a window, allowing you to sit at this makeshift table and enjoy all the natural light and pretty views. This is a perfect option if you have larger windows since you can then maximize the view. If possible, bay window bench ideas can also be perfect for a coffee corner.

2. Bathroom Window Seat 

Yes, even your bathroom could make use of a nice window bench. A small custom-made seat can come with cupboards underneath for extra storage. This little bench provides the perfect spot for you to sit while you go through your beauty routine. So long as the bench is kept away from direct exposure to water you shouldn’t worry about any possible damage. Of course, this window bench seat idea will likely require a custom-made piece since bathrooms often have small window frames that are not easy to find premade benches for.

Add some whimsy with imaginative colors and decor.

Add some whimsy with imaginative colors and decor.

3. Daydream Seat

Another wonderful use for a little window bench nook is as a fun part of your nursery, or simply a place where you can let your imagination run wild. To give your window bench that dash of whimsy, give it color and character with a variety of patterned colorful textiles that invite people to sit and daydream for a while. Extra lighting can also be installed to make the space even brighter, thereby accentuating the aesthetic and making the space happier still.

You can also go a different route by adding pizzazz that emphasizes a more traditional look that adds texture and dimension. This can be a nice design choice because it makes the window bench look more like the vintage window benches that were common in older homes from the 1910s. If you like the look of older things, this is a good direction to go in.

Enjoy your coffee and take in the view from your dreamy window bench.

Enjoy your coffee and take in the view from your dreamy window bench.

4. Gym Bench 

Many of us would rather not go to a big gym with lots of other people these days. Of course, even in the best of times, exercising in a place with lots of strangers may not be something that you are really comfortable with. Alas, a home gym is something that you need a decent amount of room for to do right, so any space-saving tricks can be quite helpful.

This is why you should consider building a window bench in your home gym. This window seat idea means you have a place to sit when you need to take a breather, and you won’t have to sacrifice too much precious space to get it. After all, window benches mostly use space that was already taken up by window sills so it makes sense to use that space as smartly as you can.

This kind of window bench can also be built with plenty of shelving and storage for all your exercise equipment, keeping the gym floor clear and free of tripping hazards.

5. Romantic Setting 

For something more intimate, this is the bench-under-window idea to aim for. A fancy window seat with some decadent material such as pink velvet, and maybe a nice headboard is just what is needed when you want a place to lounge and take in the picturesque exterior views. The goal is basically to make your window bench a mini personal boudoir, complemented with floral wallpaper and a nice blanket for chillier days. A wall adapter is another great addition, so you can recharge your devices as you take time to recharge as well.

Window benches can be quite comfy with quality padding.

Window benches can be quite comfy with quality padding.

6. Sofa Seat 

What better way to add seating to your bedroom or living room than with a window sill sofa seat? This space-saving window seat idea gives you a perfect solution for all those times when you’d like to have a cozy spot where your guests can make themselves comfortable. Window benches can also be the perfect solution for when you need a comfy place to overcome your writer’s block or focus on your studying. We all need a good studying spot, and this is just the ticket. 

7. Fun at Sea 

Convert a place with small windows such as a basement by making it into a place at sea. Make each of your window sills into a bunk bed, complete with potholes, nautical bed sheet colors, sea-colored wallpaper, and brass accenting on light fixtures and hardware. This is perfect when you have imaginative kids who need a place to hang out with their friends since this setup also comes with plenty of room for pirate toy chests. With the right decorative choices, you can exactly recreate the feeling of being in a cabin on a ship at sea. Your kids’ imagination can take it from there, and they most likely have their own bench seat window ideas to pitch in.

Maximize natural light with some bigger windows.

Maximize natural light with some bigger windows.


Written by
Mateos Glen Hayes

Written by Mateos Glen Hayes


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