The Pros and Cons of Automated Driveway Gates

The Pros and Cons of Automated Driveway Gates

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By Dikran Seferian February 17, 2022

It’s crucial for any large property to have a decent security gate. Oftentimes, driveway gates are the first line of defense against any attempt of unwanted intrusion. They are also available in a wide variety of designs to fit most outdoor spaces, and you can even choose to customize your gates according to your specific needs. One particularly common upgrade that many homeowners go for is automation. Having your driveway gates open automatically is a great idea for several reasons. Plus, it paves the way for additional functionalities such as a gate intercom. Getting familiar with the upsides — as well as the downsides — of motorized gates can give you an idea of what to expect when going for that upgrade.

How Do Automatic Driveway Gates Operate?

Before moving on to weighing the pros and cons, it is worth understanding how electric gates work. An automated security gate system consists of two main components. These include the gate itself and the electronic operator.

The gate serves as the barrier that blocks the entrance to the property. It can be composed of different materials such as iron or wood, and usually matches the property’s fencing. The operator, on the other hand, refers to the mechanism that basically allows the gate to open and close through the use of gears, chains, or hydraulics.

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Pros of Automated Driveway Gates

It can be helpful to understand why automatic driveway gates are favored among many homeowners. If you’re considering going for electric gates for your driveway, there’s a handful of advantages that might convince you to go forward with your plan.

Increased Security and Privacy

Automated Driveway Gates Offer Safety and Peace of Mind

Automated Driveway Gates Offer Safety and Peace of Mind

One of the main reasons to have automatic gates installed at the entrance of your driveway is for security purposes. Many of these systems are equipped with security codes that are programmed to control who can access your property. Pair your electric gate with a CCTV and you can monitor your visitors as well.

Electric gates also offer you a sense of safety. And if you have children or pets, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that they won’t be wandering off. A decent automatic gate system may even save you the trouble of having to opt for advanced security measures.

Aside from the tech-related features such as the CCTV and the access codes, another security-related advantage that most automated driveway gates have is their height. A tall security gate is sometimes all that is enough to discourage an intruder from breaking into your property. Besides contributing to the security of your premises, tall driveway gates also offer privacy — as long as they’re completely opaque and not slatted or see-through. This means that you can make sure anyone who is driving or walking past your driveway can’t peek inside, especially if you have children playing in your yard. 

Convenient Access

Automatic Gates Allow for a Hassle-Free Access

Automatic Gates Allow for a Hassle-Free Access

Automated driveway gates can be a true blessing, especially during the rainy days of winter. Gates that let you in with the press of a handheld button, for instance, can save you the trouble of getting out of your car in order to push them open. Features such as security codes, gate intercoms, and remote controls can allow you to conveniently enter and exit your property without having to bother yourself or anyone else. Whether it’s pouring rain, really late at night, or you’ve just returned from a long drive, an automatic gate can make your life so much easier.


Nothing can be stronger and more durable than electric gates when it comes to securing your property. Nearly all of them are designed with durability in mind. They can withstand a great deal of force as well as adverse weather conditions. Many are also customizable, meaning you can even have maglocks installed on your gate to prevent anyone from driving it open.

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Electric gates are available in many types, each with a variety of designs to correspond with your needs, taste, and property. The driveway gate itself can be composed of wood, metal, or a hybrid of both. These timeless and traditional materials can be made to suit any design style, be it classic or modern.

Choosing the type you want can be a huge decision. Regardless of your choice, however, an automated gate can exude prestige and elegance. Even the mere sight of a fancy gate swinging — or sliding — open by itself is one to behold. 

Added Value

Financial Advantages of Installing Electric Gates

Financial Advantages of Installing Electric Gates

Security systems are known to add a good deal of value to your property, making it more attractive to potential buyers. Automatic driveway gates are a great example. Each of the other advantages of electric gates contributes to your home’s added value while serving as a reason to invest in the property. The aesthetic appeal of the gate will even emit a sense of privacy as well as luxury, making the whole neighborhood seem like a safe zone and a desirable place to live in. This, in turn, boosts the overall value of the area.

Cons of Automated Driveway Gates

Motorized driveway gates are great and all, but it’s worth mentioning the drawbacks you may come across. Automated gates are no different from other technologies in the sense they can be pricey, hard to install, and sometimes problematic.  

Power Outages

It goes without saying that automatic security gates rely on electricity in order to operate. In the event of a power outage, you can expect to become stuck inside or outside your property, having to wait until the power comes back on so you can open the gate. Many modern solutions, fortunately, come with a backup power generator or a battery pack to maintain functionality should there be a power cut. You can also consider going for a solar-powered gate opener to ensure that you never have to worry about not being stranded.

Upfront Cost

The complex technology that goes into manufacturing automated gate systems can make them rather expensive. Bear in mind that the price tag grows with the integration of advanced features such as an intercom or a CCTV. You may also factor in the amount you’ll be paying the electric gate installers. Although this isn’t a disadvantage per se, it’s simply best to let the professionals handle the installation of your automatic gate. An improperly installed system may otherwise entail expensive repairs.

It can be a good idea to determine whether your property needs an automated gate to begin with. Smaller houses, for instance, aren't at risk of intrusions as much as larger properties. If you actually need gates, however, you can consider them as a long-term investment. 

Potential Danger

Modern Security Gates Are Equipped With Sensors to Prevent the Risk of Injury

Modern Security Gates Are Equipped With Sensors to Prevent the Risk of Injury

An improperly installed automatic gate can be rather dangerous, potentially causing physical injury to a person. You may have heard the news about people getting trapped and crushed by automatic gates. Small children and clueless visitors are particularly at risk of getting seriously hurt by these motorized systems.

Fortunately, there have been advances in automatic security gates, making them considerably safer to use. Many modern systems, for instance, may feature sensors that stop and retract upon detecting any obstacle in the way. You also find sliding gates that consist of safety edges, speed controls, as well as safety bollards. These features are designed to ensure that the automatic gates are safe to operate. 

Unexpected Issues

It’s important not to forget that automatic security gates are machines, and machines tend to malfunction sometimes. In most cases, you may not even expect when your electric gate will stop working properly — or altogether. You can prevent this by having your electric gates checked and serviced on an annual basis. Security gate companies typically offer comprehensive maintenance services as well as repairs if necessary.

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Written by
Dikran Seferian

Written by Dikran Seferian