Choosing the Best Driveway Gate for Your Property

Choosing the Best Driveway Gate for Your Property

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By Dikran Seferian February 15, 2022

A driveway gate usually hints towards a beautiful property lying ahead. Whether you live in a villa or a cookie cutter, the first impression that the gate makes can go a long way. From Victorian-style to country farmhouse, or from modern sleek lines to classical curves, the entrance to your driveway is a great way to add that special touch to your estate. Not only does it offer a subtle idea of what lies ahead, but a well-chosen threshold can also serve as a fortress of privacy and security while providing curb appeal. Nothing can be more satisfying than pulling up to your driveway after a long day and being welcomed by your wooden or metal beacon of shelter and repose.  

Driveway Gate Ideas

As the actual entrance to your property, a driveway gate is supposed to reflect the overall style of your living spaces. Luckily, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to gate designs.

Modern Metal 

Modern Metal Gates Offer a Sleek and Elegant Look

Modern Metal Gates Offer a Sleek and Elegant Look

Although metal gates may sound rather conventional, modern ones combine the classic design with the contemporary look of sleek lines. Metal driveway gates are relatively easier to maintain than their wooden counterparts, saving you time and money down the line. If you’re looking for a modern driveway gate that’s also low-maintenance, you can find a myriad of options in metal. One simple yet visually appealing design features horizontal bars painted in pitch black.

Metal driveway gates are absolute champions in longevity and sturdiness, making them a great source of security for your home. They are also fairly easy to repair.

Natural Wood 

Wooden Driveway Gates Are Ideal for a Rustic Design

Wooden Driveway Gates Are Ideal for a Rustic Design

A big driveway gate made of wood makes a strong statement while maintaining a homey look. Since a natural finish inspires coziness in interior living spaces, you can bring that aesthetic outside to your gate. Wood is known to be an incredibly versatile material in the world of design and architecture, and this includes your driveway. Going for a natural wooden driveway gate leaves you with a plethora of options in regards to the shade, the finish, and the type of wood that you may prefer. With these options in hand, the possibilities for how your gateway will look are boundless. And what’s even better is that wood will look good with nearly any design you may choose for your outdoor spaces. 

Classic Cast-Iron

Nothing Says Classic More Than Cast-Iron Gates

Nothing Says Classic More Than Cast-Iron Gates

The classic iron driveway gate is a favorite among many homeowners. Cast-iron gates tend to exude a sense of elegance while providing security — and can brilliantly resonate with anything from a Victorian aesthetic to creepy decorations on Halloween.

The amount of maintenance that a traditional iron gate requires essentially depends on your commitment to it. Not everyone enjoys the look of rust, but if you’re going for a medieval mansion aesthetic, you can allow your gate to age a little.

As for the cast-iron patterns that you see on the gate, the options are limitless. A common choice among many people is the fleur-de-lys design.

Wood and Iron Hybrid

Hybrid Gates Combine the Best of Both Worlds

Hybrid Gates Combine the Best of Both Worlds

The traditional iron gate comes with a distinctive and old-fashioned look. Many homeowners, however, choose to modify it with wooden features while maintaining the classic elements of the cast iron design. If the look of classic cast-iron is your aesthetic but you also value privacy, a hybrid gate can be an ideal choice. These wood and iron gates essentially combine the best of both worlds, which is why they are highly acclaimed.

Hybrid driveway gates can correspond with a wide variety of aesthetics that range from rustic to modern, making them a flexible option for houses that aren’t pinned down to a specific style.

Full Metal

Driveway Gate Designs That Maximize Privacy and Security

Driveway Gate Designs That Maximize Privacy and Security

A full metal driveway gate is a great option for those who are seeking more privacy and security right out of the entrance. It creates a sense of confidence in your property by adding a serious tone. However, just because a full metal gate focuses more on its functionality than its aesthetic doesn’t mean the latter has to fall behind. A subtle yet interesting texture can provide enough visual appeal without compromising security and privacy.

Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse Style Gates Provide a Natural Aesthetic

Farmhouse Style Gates Provide a Natural Aesthetic

Whether you live in the countryside, a suburban area, or a fancy neighborhood, a farmhouse-style driveway gate can provide a rustic, cozy appeal that looks charming any time of the year. It maintains its homey and welcoming look through the snowy days of winter and among the fallen leaves of autumn. Farmhouse-style gates are available in a wide range of sizes, designs, and wood finishes, allowing you to find one that perfectly accentuates your house. You may, however, want to bear in mind that this type of gate isn’t the most ideal choice for security. So unless you live in a safe area, it’s probably best to consider other options.

Brightly Colored

A Splash of Color Can Vitalize Any Driveway Gate

A Splash of Color Can Vitalize Any Driveway Gate

A jolt of color can go a long way in brightening up the outdoor spaces of your property. Consider breathing life into the driveway by painting your gate a vivid hue such as red, blue, or yellow. A brightly colored gate can also create a delightful contrast if the rest of your exterior is dominated by neutral colors like beige, gray, or white. You can use a lively color to spice up any type of driveway gate — whether it’s modern metal, cast-iron, hybrid, or wooden. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Driveway Gate

There are several factors to account for when choosing a new gate for your driveway. In many cases, you may even need to prioritize certain factors over others. 


The price of a driveway gate can range between a few hundred dollars up to ten grand. If you’re looking for a fancy gate that opens automatically, you can expect to break the bank. Make sure to set a budget before deciding on a design. That way, you’ll have a better idea of what your options are. 

Property Aesthetic

Bear in mind the aesthetic of your property as you’re looking through gate options to avoid a clash of styles. You wouldn’t, for instance, want a modern driveway gate if you live in a country-style house.

Opening Mechanism

Depending on the amount of space you have, you can choose between two main types of opening mechanisms for your gates — both of which can be automated. A sliding driveway gate, for instance, can be ideal if your driveway is somewhat short on space. The gate can either have two sections that part away from each other or one whole section that slides to one side. Of course, you will need to ensure that there’s enough room on either or both sides of the driveway so the gate can slide open. Sliding entrances are also ideal for optimizing parking space if you have two or more cars.

If space isn’t an issue in your driveway, you can go for a gate that swings open. Swinging gates can consist of either single or double doors, and are available in custom designs that can suit a wide range of styles and needs. This variety also makes them a great choice for driveways that are sloped or curved.

Privacy and Security

Another factor to take into consideration when choosing a driveway entrance is the amount of privacy and security that you want in your property. For instance, gates that are slatted or see-through might not be the best choice if you prefer a private environment. They can, however, be ideal if you want to show off your lush garden, your sportscars, or your fancy home. If privacy is valuable for you, consider going for opaque driveway gates to create a visual barrier. You don’t even need to compromise style since most of them are available in a variety of patterns.

As for security, it really depends on where you’re living and how safe you need your property to be. Certain types of driveway gates are purely aesthetic. If that’s the case, you don’t need to account for security. Should a security gate be something you’re looking for, however, you may want to go for one with a bulkier design.


In the case of steel or iron driveway gates, the amount of upkeep needed is relatively low. A simple clean down with soap and warm water should be enough to restore their luster. Wooden gates, however, will require some maintenance — but normally on an annual basis. This mainly involves treating hardwood gates with an anti-UV varnish in order to protect the wood from the elements. If you prefer a low-maintenance option but don’t want to forgo the wooden effect, aluminum driveway gates can be a great alternative. They can be designed to resemble wood, and you don’t have to worry about maintaining them.


Written by
Dikran Seferian

Written by Dikran Seferian