Power Up Your Home: Essential Materials for Installing a Backup Generator

Power Up Your Home: Essential Materials for Installing a Backup Generator

By Contractors.com Team March 29, 2023

As a homeowner, you know that unexpected power outages can cause inconvenience and even disrupt essential home functions. Installing a backup power generator ensures that your home remains comfortable and safe during blackouts. This article outlines the key materials needed for generator installation, empowering you to make informed decisions as you prepare for a seamless power backup solution.

Choosing the Right Generator

The first step is selecting the appropriate generator for your needs:

Generator Type

Choose between portable generators, which offer temporary power solutions and are easy to move, and standby generators, which provide automatic and permanent backup power.

Fuel Source

Generators run on various fuel types, including gasoline, diesel, propane, or natural gas. Consider factors such as availability, cost, and storage when selecting your fuel source.

Generator Size

Calculate your home's power requirements to determine the appropriate generator size. Consider whether you need to power essential appliances or your entire home during outages.

Transfer Switch

A transfer switch is a crucial component for safely connecting your generator to your home's electrical system:

Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

This switch automatically transfers power from the utility grid to the generator when an outage occurs. It's typically used with standby generators.

Manual Transfer Switch (MTS)

This switch requires manual operation to transfer power between the utility grid and the generator. It's commonly used with portable generators.

Electrical Components and Accessories

Gather the necessary electrical materials for a successful installation:

Conduit and Fittings

Protect and route electrical wiring from the generator to the transfer switch using appropriate conduits and fittings.

Electrical Wire

Select the correct gauge and length of electrical wire based on your generator's specifications and installation location.

Grounding Rod and Wire

Proper grounding ensures safety and protects your generator from electrical surges.

Outlet Box and Receptacles

For portable generators, you'll need weatherproof outlet boxes and receptacles that match your generator's output.

Fuel Storage and Supply

Ensure a reliable fuel source for your generator:

Fuel Storage Containers

For gasoline or diesel generators, invest in high-quality, safety-approved fuel storage containers.

Propane or Natural Gas Connection

For propane or natural gas generators, a professional installer should establish a connection to your existing fuel supply.

Ventilation and Noise Reduction

Proper ventilation and noise reduction measures are essential for generator safety and comfort:


Make sure your generator is installed in a well-ventilated area to prevent the buildup of harmful exhaust fumes.

Noise Reduction

Consider investing in a generator enclosure or using noise-reducing materials to minimize generator noise, especially for loud gasoline or diesel generators.

Installing a backup power generator provides peace of mind and ensures your home remains functional during power outages. By understanding the essential materials needed for generator installation, including selecting the right generator, transfer switch, electrical components, fuel storage, and ventilation, you can make informed decisions and enjoy a reliable power backup solution for your home.

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