Essential Materials for Updating Interior Trim and Moldings

Essential Materials for Updating Interior Trim and Moldings

By Team March 23, 2023

If you're looking to update the look of your home, one great place to start is by updating your interior trim and moldings. The right trim and moldings can completely transform a room, giving it a fresh and modern feel. However, before you get started on this project, it's important to make sure you have all the materials you need. In this article, we'll go over the essential materials you'll need to successfully update your interior trim and moldings.

Trim and Molding Materials

The first materials you'll need are the actual trim and molding pieces. There are a variety of different types of trim and molding, so it's important to choose the right ones for your project. Some popular options include crown molding, baseboards, and window and door casing. When selecting your materials, consider the style of your home, the size of the room, and your personal preferences.

Measuring Tools

Accurately measuring your walls and trim pieces is essential to ensuring a proper fit. For this reason, you'll need a measuring tape, a level, and a miter saw. The measuring tape will allow you to measure the length of your walls and trim pieces, while the level will ensure that everything is straight and even. A miter saw is used to make precise cuts at an angle, which is necessary for installing crown molding and other decorative trim pieces.


To secure your trim and molding pieces to the wall, you'll need fasteners. The type of fastener you choose will depend on the type of material you're working with. For example, if you're working with wood trim, you'll likely use finishing nails or brads. If you're working with metal or plastic trim, you'll need screws or specialty fasteners. Make sure to choose the appropriate size and type of fastener for your specific project.

Adhesives and Caulk

In addition to fasteners, you'll also need adhesives and caulk to properly install your trim and molding pieces. Adhesives are used to secure pieces together, while caulk is used to fill gaps and create a seamless look. Depending on the type of material you're working with, you may need to use different types of adhesives and caulk.

Paint and Finishing Supplies

Once your trim and molding pieces are installed, you'll need to paint or finish them. This will help protect the wood and create a cohesive look throughout the room. Before painting, make sure to prime your trim and molding pieces with a high-quality primer. You'll also need a paintbrush, roller, and paint tray, as well as sandpaper and wood filler for any imperfections.

In conclusion, updating your interior trim and moldings can be a fun and rewarding project, but it's important to have all the necessary materials before getting started. By ensuring you have the right trim and molding pieces, measuring tools, fasteners, adhesives and caulk, and paint and finishing supplies, you'll be well on your way to transforming your space.

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Written by Team

Written by Team

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