The Essential Kitchen Supply Guide For New Homeowners

The Essential Kitchen Supply Guide For New Homeowners

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By Emma Sarkisyan October 13, 2021

Buying and designing a new home is always exciting, especially if it’s your first house or you’re newlyweds are starting their “forever after” in a new space. When all the dirty work of renovation is done, you can already envision the visual image of how your house is going to look once all the furniture and appliances are in place.

Homeowners usually start moving in big equipment, bathroom/kitchen appliances, and furniture for rooms. While choosing room elements could be easier, because you may have a certain design in your mind, picking details like kitchen supplies can be a tad complicated. The range of knives, pots, pans, cutting boards, and cutlery is so wide, it can be a little overwhelming. That doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyable. When you know you’re buying items for your house, things that will be used to cook and serve the guests at your home, you change your perspective from “this is too much” to “alright, alright, alright, let’s do this”.

The good thing is that quality kitchen supplies don’t have to be expensive. When choosing equipment, pay attention to convenience and ergonomics. Many manufacturers make decent things that last a long time and do not create a hole in your budget. Ideally, you should buy all of the supplies in person, instead of opting for online shopping: it’s better to touch them with your hands, to see if they are suitable for you and your kitchen. Of course, there are no universal rules for arranging a kitchen, because everyone forms a set of necessary items based on their own habits and needs, but there are some items that are required to cook even the most basic food. They are a fundamental set of kitchen utensils and accessories.

Kitchen Appliances Checklist

A Beautiful White Kitchen With Essential Appliances

A Beautiful White Kitchen With Essential Appliances

Traditionally, every household needs an oven, stove, and fridge: these are the kitchen must-haves. The thing is, while that set is the basics of your kitchen, it will either look half-empty or abandoned without anything else. There are, however, some add-on appliances that could make your kitchen more functional.

  • Microwave
  • Toaster
  • Coffee Maker
  • Juicer 
  • Blender
  • Waffle-iron (waffle breakfasts are the best)

Kitchen Essentials List: Pots and Pans

Must-Have Pots and Pans

Must-Have Pots and Pans

High-caliber cookware could be a great investment if you enjoy cooking, or if you want to fill your kitchen with good quality pots and pans. You’d be surprised at how many there are to choose from. On top of that, they’re made of different materials as well, which expands your selection.

Aluminum is a widely used material: it’s a fantastic heat conductor. Carbon Steel is usually used in very expensive cookware, while stainless steel can potentially leach a small amount of nickel into food. So, keep that in mind when you choose your pots and pans. You don’t have to buy all the types, but if you’re really passionate about cooking, why not?

  • Stockpot
  • Frypan (skillet)
  • Cast iron skillet
  • Sauté pan
  • Saucepan
  • Braiser Pan
  • Griddle/ grill pan
  • Wok
  • Roasting pan
  • Dutch oven

Kitchen Tools 

Some Kitchen Tools Are Staple

Some Kitchen Tools Are Staple

When you walk down a cooking aisle in big stores, trying to figure out what to buy for a new kitchen, what are your thoughts on the items you see on shelves? Probably: “I want to buy everything”. That’s pretty much what everyone feels like when shopping for kitchen gadgets, however, you don’t want to clutter a space that you want to keep clean and comfy. Try to keep the list of essentials simple, practical, and ergonomic.

    • Spatula (Metal/Silicon/Wooden)
    • Whisk
    • Slotted spoon
    • Kitchen shears 
    • Tongs
    • Measuring spoons
    • Can opener
    • Mandoline slicer
    • Potato ricer
    • Garlic press
    • Pizza cutter
    • Vegetable peeler
    • Kitchen knives
    • Cutting boards
    • Colander
    • Corkscrew

Cutlery, Plate & Glass Essentials 

There’s Kitchen Cutlery for Every Occasion

There’s Kitchen Cutlery for Every Occasion

Here comes the heart and essence of every kitchen - plates, glasses, and cutlery. It’s not the oven, nor the stove because you still can technically survive without them. You can have a set of dishes and glasses for every occasion: parties, family gatherings, outdoor grilling, or a fun night with friends. In that sense, choosing cutlery is much easier. The selection is enormous as well, but unless you’re buying utensils for every type of dish, you will be fine with a simple set of forks and steak knives.

  • Plates (for dinner/dessert/bread & butter)
  • Bowls (for soups and salads)
  • Glasses (wine/whiskey/highball/cocktail/martini/margarita)
  • Coffee mugs
  • Forks 
  • Set of steak knives

Must-Haves For Bakers

Essentials For Your Baking Hobbies

Essentials For Your Baking Hobbies

Sometimes the house and its rooms reflect your hobbies, whether you do that consciously or not. That is also true about kitchens. If you love baking, or maybe have a sweet tooth, then you can turn your new kitchen into a mini bakery. What could be better than fresh English muffins for breakfast? Nothing. However, you will need a few kitchen essentials for that.

  • Baking pans (there are so many of them, depending on your preferences)
  • Kitchen scale
  • Stand mixer
  • Measuring cups
  • Mixing bowls 
  • Spatulas
  • Cookie scoops 
  • Rolling pin 
  • Pastry brush 

Honorable Mention

The kitchen gadgets tend to evolve and get modernized, like anything else in this world. Like any consumer, you want to immediately buy new shiny things for your kitchen, or update the current ones. There are, of course, certain essentials that you will need to stock up on first (cutlery, dishes, etc), but there are supplies that you don’t need to buy or update right away. Since it’s a new kitchen, you also don’t want to stuff it with too many things. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean you can’t purchase them over time (unless you don’t need them).

  • Salad spinner (maybe you don’t need it, but it’s nice to have it)
  • Air popper (by the way, a great wedding gift)
  • Slow cooker 
  • Rice cooker
  • Microplane zester 
  • Air fryer 
  • Immersion blender 
  • Instant-read thermometer 
  • Peppermill 
  • Bench scraper 
  • Ice cream scoop 
  • Citrus squeezer 
  • Dish drying rack 

Written by
Emma Sarkisyan

Written by Emma Sarkisyan


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