Refinishing Old Cabinets: Top Considerations for Homeowners

Refinishing Old Cabinets: Top Considerations for Homeowners

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By Team March 08, 2023

Refinishing old cabinets can breathe new life into a kitchen or bathroom, giving it an updated look and feel without the expense of a full renovation. However, before diving into a refinishing project, homeowners need to carefully consider their options to ensure they get the best results for their budget. Here are the top three things homeowners should consider when refinishing old cabinets, along with the average cost of the project.

Material of the Cabinets

The material of the cabinets plays a significant role in determining the best refinishing method. Cabinets made of solid wood, for example, are great candidates for sanding and staining, which brings out the natural beauty of the wood. However, if the cabinets are made of engineered wood, like MDF or particleboard, they may not be able to withstand the sanding process and may require a different refinishing method, such as painting or refacing.

Refinishing solid wood cabinets with sanding and staining typically costs between $2,500 to $6,000 for a kitchen, while painting or refacing engineered wood cabinets can cost between $3,500 to $8,000.

Style and Color of the Cabinets

Homeowners should also consider the style and color of their cabinets when planning a refinishing project. If the cabinets are already in good condition and the homeowner is happy with their style, a simple touch-up or refinishing with the same color may be all that's needed. However, if the homeowner wants to change the color or style of their cabinets, they may need to consider a more extensive refinishing process, such as painting or refacing.

Painting cabinets is a popular and affordable way to update their look, with an average cost of $3,000 to $7,000 for a kitchen. Refacing involves replacing the cabinet doors and drawer fronts with new ones, while leaving the cabinet boxes in place. This option typically costs between $4,000 to $9,000.

Condition of the Cabinets

Lastly, homeowners need to assess the condition of their cabinets before starting a refinishing project. Cabinets that are heavily damaged or have water damage may not be salvageable and may need to be replaced. Additionally, if the cabinets have been previously painted or stained, it may be more challenging to achieve the desired finish, and the homeowner may need to consider painting or refacing instead.

If the cabinets are in good condition and don't require any repairs, sanding and staining is typically the most affordable refinishing option, costing between $2,500 to $6,000 for a kitchen. Painting or refacing is a more extensive process and may cost more if there are repairs needed.

Refinishing old cabinets can be an excellent way to give a kitchen or bathroom a fresh look without breaking the bank. However, homeowners need to carefully consider their options before starting a refinishing project to ensure they get the best results for their budget. By assessing the material, style, and condition of their cabinets, homeowners can determine the best refinishing method and cost for their project.



Written by Team

Written by Team