8 Ways to Increase Home Value

8 Ways to Increase Home Value

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By Mateos Glen Hayes February 07, 2022

Property owners will know home value is quite important. But how do you increase property market value?

This is a question that there are many answers to, and it tends to depend a lot on where your property is located, crime rates, population growth, infrastructure development, and the home fair market value overall. Of course, most of this is not under your control, but there are still quite a few ways for you to positively change the value of your home.

A few adjustments and improvements can significantly improve your home’s value, as long as you know where to look and what areas to work on. 

Update Interior Design 

A Few Changes Makes Your Interior Design Look Fresh and New

A Few Changes Makes Your Interior Design Look Fresh and New

While it can help with boosting your home value, a complete renovation is not necessary especially if you’re looking to save some money. Instead, focus on revamping your interior in small ways by changing certain fixtures and pieces of furniture.

Get some nicer cushions for your couch, or get the existing ones reupholstered. Put in new rugs and switch out your throw pillows for something less tattered. If you have old lamps, replace the lampshades with something more colorful and artsy. There are plenty of ways to achieve all of this for minimal cost as long as you rely on flea markets and other low-cost stores.

Liven things up by getting some tasteful artwork as well. The crucial thing for selling a house is to make it look as liveable and inviting as possible, so renewed fixtures and furniture are a must. Consider converting your basement into a living space for added square footage. 

Install New Kitchen Durables 

New Kitchen Appliances Make Your Kitchen Feel Up To Date

New Kitchen Appliances Make Your Kitchen Feel Up To Date

Full kitchen remodeling projects can get expensive fast, but you can avoid this by simply replacing the most important items in your kitchen instead of replacing everything. Your kitchen appliances are arguably the most important part of your kitchen since without them it’s just another room, so start with those.

Get a new stove and oven set up to replace an old greasy unit, or invest in a gas stove if you want the ultimate upgrade. Once you’ve switched to gas you’ll never want to switch back, it’s just a world apart in so many ways. It’s also better for the environment since gas stoves tend to be more efficient and produce fewer greenhouse gases than the powerplant that feeds your electric stove.

Refrigerators are another crucial appliance, and if yours is on its last leg that means it’s time to go shopping for a new one. Newer fridges have integrated smart technologies and special designs that make them easier to use, and a new one will definitely make your kitchen look quite appealing. 

Add Gas Heating 

Gas Heating Works Faster Than Electric Heating

Gas Heating Works Faster Than Electric Heating

Speaking of natural gas, it’s also an excellent source for your home’s heating especially if you live in a cold place on the eastern seaboard. It is actually much more efficient than electricity, generating more heat while using less energy and costing less as well. Plus, unlike an electric system, gas heating is more or less instant since an always-on pilot light means all you need is a spark to get things going.

Gas might sound a bit explosive, but you’ll be happy to know that there have been a lot of major safety advancements in recent decades. So long as the system is installed and used properly, there is very little chance of anything going wrong, and modern furnaces have a bunch of safety features that will kick in if things do go awry.

Owing to their efficiency and reliability, gas furnaces are quite desirable to prospective homeowners, as are gas fireplaces.  

Improve Your Outdoor Space 

Reimagine Your Backyard

Reimagine Your Backyard

A stylish and functional outdoor space is the perfect place for entertaining guests or simply hanging out on the porch after a hard day’s work. It’s also a highly desirable thing for homebuyers, and therefore a great way to increase property value. Major upgrades such as an inground swimming pool will definitely boost value, but smaller additions are good as well.

If you have a backyard or simply a small porch or balcony, invest a bit into making it look spick and span. This can be as complicated or as basic as you want it to be. Even just adding a stylish table with Mediterranean-style tiles and some nice wicker chairs will create a very cozy spot for outdoor dining during the warmer months.

Be sure to pay attention to the plant life as well. Trim anything that needs it, do weeding, throw out the ugly old thing that’s been dying for months, and get some nice ceramic pots for your plants to augment the aesthetic. For nighttime fun outdoors, consider installing some powerful solar-powered LEDs for maximum functionality. 

Make Small Bathroom Updates 

Small Changes Such As New Tiles Make a Big Difference

Small Changes Such As New Tiles Make a Big Difference

You use your water closet every day, so it only makes sense to keep it clean and looking good. If your bathroom is starting to feel a little staid, some simple changes will bring things back up to code in no time.

Focus on the little things, such as swapping out old faucet handles, replacing old door handles with something modern and crisp, and maybe replacing the faucets if you want something totally new.

If it feels like you need to do more, replacing wall tiles is relatively easy and will make a huge difference in the look and feel of the bathroom. We recommend something Italian or Lebanese in style for a true aesthetic upgrade.   

Boost Curb Appeal 

Make Your House Stand Out

Make Your House Stand Out

When it comes to first impressions, curb appeal is everything. Your house may look great on the outside, but nobody’s going to be impressed if the outside is tattered and weathered. Your home needs to look fresh and well-kept from the outside so that whether someone’s just driving by, or walking up for your open house event it looks as good as it can be.

There are a few details that matter the most. First off, you need a good-looking front door. This is the first thing any curious buyer will touch, so give your door a new coat of paint and some quality hardware to match. A door that works as it should and looks brand new makes a great impression.

The rest is really down to the landscaping. Keep your landing clean of dirt, crud, and clutter, and place some healthy plants at either side of your door. Keep your front yard well watered and be sure none of your plants are looking sad. All of these details say “welcome, come on in!” to a prospective buyer.   

Improve Energy Efficiency 

Solar Power Can Transform Your Energy Usage

Solar Power Can Transform Your Energy Usage

In our increasingly eco-conscious world, the importance of being environmentally conscious grows with each passing year. Adding better insulation to your house won’t stop climate change, but it can make a difference, especially if we all work together. Plus, there are some good benefits to going green. Namely, it boosts home value and also cuts way down on your power usage.

For instance, upgrading your home’s appliances is an easy way to cut down on power usage because newer devices tend to be a lot less power-hungry than the good old stuff. Converting your lighting to outdoor solar-powered lighting will also help keep your power bill low.

Of course for those that want to go the extra mile, there’s always the option of installing a full solar roof. This is a relatively new invention that allows you to entirely convert your roofing with photo-voltaic roof shingles, thereby transforming your roof into a high-tech solar-powered wonder. This means that you’ll be your own power plant, perfect for keeping the lights on, charging your devices, and maybe even your car, all off of the rays of the sun.

It goes without saying that this can really boost your home’s value and the high initial cost is paid off quite nicely in money saved on electricity usage. Just be sure to check reviews for whichever provider you choose to do this service so you don’t end up with a half-finished project.


Written by
Mateos Glen Hayes

Written by Mateos Glen Hayes