2022 Interior Design Trends to Be On the Lookout For

2022 Interior Design Trends to Be On the Lookout For

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By Alex Mikayelyan February 07, 2022

With each year that passes, we have opportunities to breathe new life into our interiors and give them new flair. This is why with the end of each year, everyone turns to a new page in their lives and looks to bring in as much new into their homes as possible. What better way to start off the year but with a fresh take on your interior design?

Make it a New Year’s Resolution for yourself and your household to give your interior a little update this coming year. It’ll be a great way to greet the new year, surprise your friends with the changes you’ve made, and bring your home closer to what you’ve always dreamed of. Keep up with these interior 2022 trends and you should start off the new year with a vibrant interior that echoes with the best design elements the year has to offer. 

Biophilic Interiors

How to Use Natural Elements In Your Interior Decor

How to Use Natural Elements In Your Interior Decor

By no means is biophilia in interior design exclusively a 2022 design trend. We’ve had biophilic elements in our interior and architectural designs for many, many years. What the theory of biophilia essentially states, is that humans strive to implement as many natural elements into their interior as possible. This can be in the textures, colors, materials, as well as bold natural elements, such as plant life, moving water, and living walls.

There are a lot of ways you can incorporate biophilia into your home that compliments all of its best features. For example, if you have a sprawling living room, what better way to give it some vibrant colors than have a few potted plants or even a living accent wall? Natural elements such as stone walls, wood accents, and other features are also amazing for biophilic interior design.

Homeowners have implemented a variety of biophilic elements into their homes for centuries without even realizing that they were doing it. For many people, it’s just a natural course of interior design to have a few potted plants or wooden accents in their homes. It’s almost like second nature. So, this coming year, push for greater biophilic design in your home and watch as it transforms your interior into a natural paradise.

Biophilic design elements are proven to have positive effects on people’s mental and physical health. Just being near nature can impact you in ways you would have previously thought impossible. Moving water, for example, is a great way to help you focus on your work. So having a little tabletop waterfall in your office or study could improve your workflow.


Balancing Style and Individuality

Balancing Style and Individuality

For many people, design, be it interior, fashion, or pretty much anything else in between, was always about looking for what’s trendy and what other individuals are doing. But ironically enough, one of the biggest suspected trends of 2022 is the opposite of trendiness. Individuality these days plays a bigger role in design than some of the biggest trends out there. This is because thanks to the ease of customization and personalization of modern interiors, it is easier than ever before to create something that is uniquely your own.

Instead of creating an interior that sticks to all the recent decor trends, create something that is more personal and unique. Sure, most homeowners will end up using plenty of interior design elements and features that are widely utilized by many others across the country, but the way you use them can be special. For example, you can take the latest modern furniture trends but combine them with your own personal preferences, like using custom-made sofa pillows or a reclaimed piece of wooden furniture from your previous home.

The latest interior trends favor more abstract design, meaning minimal, but the bold decor, a defined color palette, and smooth geometry. You can incorporate all of these elements into your home but add a personal touch. For example, have a set color palette but make it brighter than your average contemporary home. Interior color trends tend to be very muted and neutral, but you can go for something bolder and more visually striking. Decor trends for 2022 are looking quite individual and you should definitely consider how to make your home more unique and personalized through its decor, layout, and atmosphere. 

Closed Floor Plan

The Benefits of Going Back to a Closed Floor Plan

The Benefits of Going Back to a Closed Floor Plan

Open floor plans have been quite popular in the recent decade. Unlike the more traditional closed floor plans, open floor plans are visually liberating. They give your eyes more area to travel both vertically and horizontally. But this liberation comes at the cost of making interior spaces that are often a little too big and in some cases even daunting. While giving your eyes plenty of visible space is nice, too much of it can also make your interior feel less cozy.

It is projected that closed floor plans will be making a comeback in 2022. A major reason behind this 180-degree turn of interior design preferences comes from the pandemic and the ensuing lockdown. People have found themselves spending more time at home with their remote work and classes. This means sharing space with the rest of the household in a setting you’re not used to. Many enjoy working or studying in peace, without the household distracting them.

A closed floor plan works in the favor of at-home workers and students, as it gives them a bit of extra privacy, something that open floor plans tend to lack. Many experts say that the future interior trends will favor closed floor plans, so consider implementing them into your design. 

Reclaimed Materials for Sustainable Living

How Using Reclaimed Materials Is Visually Striking and Sustainable

How Using Reclaimed Materials Is Visually Striking and Sustainable

Recycling is slowly, but surely, becoming a mainstay in our everyday lives. Paper, plastic, and glass have their own designated bins. You and your household may have already turned recycling into a daily habit. However, there’s more to sustainability than simply recycling. Reusing old materials, for example, is a huge part of sustainable living. The latest home decor trends have proven to be on the side of sustainability and there are some very interesting ways you can make this work.

As individuals spend more time at home, they must put more effort into making their homes more sustainable. So, when the time comes for a remodel or renovation, instead of purchasing new materials, many homeowners opt for reclaiming old wood and metal, as well as any other material that can still fulfill its function.

This is not exclusively a 2022 mentality and is more of a contemporary way of living that is likely going to be our future as homeowners. In fact, using reclaimed materials has been common in many households for years. Reclaimed wood furniture and decor, for example, are very common in rustic homes. Homeowners enjoy the sight of aged wood, that is not only visually appealing but comes with a bit of history. So, whenever your guests come into a room and compliment the beams, you can tell them that they came from an old farm in a nearby town with an interesting bit of history.

Ceiling beams are a great example of this design mentality. Some homeowners contact local carpenters and specifically ask for reclaimed wood installations. These carpenters will then procure old wooden barn beams, which are either sold to them or even donated. They then restore the wood by getting rid of any rot, giving it a fresh coat of finish and paint, then installing it onto the ceiling.


Written by
Alex Mikayelyan

Written by Alex Mikayelyan