10 Wonderful Sunroom Decorating Ideas

10 Wonderful Sunroom Decorating Ideas

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By Mateos Glen Hayes May 17, 2022

Sunrooms are some of the best features of every home. It doesn’t matter if you live in the tropics or the far north, because a room that lets you take in the sun's warm inviting rays is a welcome reprieve from the cold windy winter. The sun is bountiful in its warmth but also in the vitamin D that puts a smile on our faces. If you have the room, why not make a sunroom?

It transforms a part of your house, lets natural light envelop the area, and gives you a perfect spot for hanging out, winding down, and lounging after a long hard day at work. Of course, anyone interested in sunrooms will have to also consider what they want their sunroom to look like. Fortunately, there are plenty of different options out there all designed to cater to the various whims of all.

There are classic designs that evoke the sunrooms of the good old days and newer configurations that aim for something more ambitious or unconventional. In other words, there is a little bit of something for everybody in every sunroom design. Read on to learn more about how best to set up your sunroom and what to go for in your sunroom design.  

Sunroom Decorating Ideas and Tips

Luxury is perfect for a sunroom.

Luxury is perfect for a sunroom.

The first thing you may wonder about is how to decorate a modern sunroom once it has been installed. Well, this is going to depend on what qualities you want to emphasize the most in your design and which creature comforts you want to invest in. At its core a sunroom is a nice and quiet spot for relaxation, so maximizing this quality is bound to give you a pretty nice sunroom.

Some basic details to focus on as you go about designing your sunroom is to remember that you’ll need to choose the right furniture to get the perfect mood. Generally, high-quality wood furniture with generous padding and bright sunny colors is the way to go. A nice bench here, a little table there, a hammock here, a comfy lounge chair there, all working in concert to provide the best modern sunroom experience.

Of course, you may also want to use your sunroom even when there isn’t sunshine, so outfitting it with some bright lighting for long nights and long winters is another good idea. If you wanna go the extra mile you can also invest in some smart mood lighting to help simulate the cool glow of a beautiful sunset (or sunrise) in the comfort of your own home. 

1. Vintage Rug 

When it comes to DIY decor design solutions, rugs are good at bringing it all together. This is as true in a modern sunroom as it is in a living room. Arranging some rugs in your sunroom fills space, gives a nice soft surface to walk on, keeps things bright and airy, and can even be used to inject an extra dash of color.

If you want to go for a specific aesthetic consider a vintage geometric area rug as these are especially good at bringing eye-catching shapes and color patterns into your design.

Sunrooms can house plants as well.

Sunrooms can house plants as well.

2. Greenhouse Funhouse 

A modern sunroom is already a room with mostly glass walls, so why not go full-on with that setup and make your sunroom into a greenhouse hybrid? This way you can make maximum use of the space by getting one room to serve two useful purposes. There’s nothing quite as cool as making your cozy resting space a place for healthy leafy homegrown greens as well!   

3. Go For Green 

Of course, you don’t have to use your sunroom for edible plants. Plants can also just be part of your cozy sunroom. Flowers, cacti, vines, and the like are all perfect choices if you just want to add some luscious greenery to an otherwise plain space. A decent amount of greenery can go a long way towards adding texture and dimension to your sunroom, thereby making it more visually interesting.

Make your sunroom as comfy as possible.

Make your sunroom as comfy as possible.

4. The Perfect Guest Spot 

A sunroom doesn’t just have to be a room for one (unless you want it to). It can also be a room for friends and family alike. A cozy sunroom is a perfect spot to host your guests if you want to make an impression. Picture your friends enjoying a wine and cheese at your home while taking in the friendly rays of the sun, and you’ll get the picture (and post it on Instagram too). 

5. The Porch Model 

If you think about it, a modern sunroom is almost an enclosed porch, so it makes sense to take the design further in that direction. After all, the only thing better than natural sun rays is some fresh air with natural sun rays. A porch sunroom is a cozy sunroom that opens up those glass walls to the cool breeze and the sounds of nature. This is an especially compelling option for anyone who finds themselves in one of the warmer parts of the world. 

6. White as Light 

One of the brightest qualities of any modern sunroom is, well, light. There’s a lot of light in a sunroom, so why not add even more for maximum brightness. There’s more to this than just making things brighter. A cozy sunroom with white walls and ceiling reflects light, making the space feel even bigger and airier than it is. Small sunroom decor could well benefit from a visual trick like that.

Even smaller sunrooms can be quite nice.

Even smaller sunrooms can be quite nice.

7. Mini Library 

You might want something to do as you lounge around and take in the scenery, especially if you’re gonna be spending a lot of time in your sunroom. A mini-library is just the thing. Not only can this transform your cozy sunroom into a refuge for quiet reflection and boundless reading, but it can also be the perfect spot for a bit of literary creativity if you’re an aspiring wordsmith yourself. 

8. Sunny and Fun 

Eight hours a day in a stuffy classroom doesn’t do your kid’s health any favors, but a sunroom can help balance that out. A modern sunroom is a perfect spot for your child to let it all out after the drudgery of school, allowing their imagination to be as boundless as the sky itself. The sunroom is also the perfect spot to keep toys and board games for the play center of your kid’s dreams.  

9. Comfy Hammock 

If you’re gonna build a space for lounging, that space ought to have a hammock. There are few pieces of furniture as casual and as easy to set up as a hammock. Hammocks are easy to use and perfectly embody the indoors-outdoors aesthetic that defines the best sunrooms out there. Once you’ve got your set up and you go to lay down, it’s like diving into your vacation destination without even setting foot outside your door.

10. Outdoors Indoors Fireplace 

You might wonder “why does a room as sunny as this need a fireplace as well?” While this may not be as necessary in a tropical part of the world, a fireplace can be a super useful addition to your cozy sunroom especially if you live in a place where it snows and wants your modern sunroom to be configured for all-season usability. A fireplace keeps your sunroom cozy and warm even when the sun goes away from the year and keeps things toasty until summer rolls back around.


Written by
Mateos Glen Hayes

Written by Mateos Glen Hayes