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When To Consider Calling The Landscaper

Many landscaping jobs are ideal for homeowners to do themselves on weekends. You can cut your own grass, trim the hedges, edge the sidewalks, and mulch your flower beds. You can grow your own culinary herbs and even install your own bird feeders and small trees if you are a little knowledgeable about landscaping. But there comes a time when doing it all alone begins to yield diminishing returns and it can be cheaper and easier to turn the job over to a professional landscaper.

Call a landscaper, for example, if you want to design and install an outdoor lighting system or a sprinkler system – or if you need to create a retaining wall to prevent erosion. If you’re planting trees – especially expensive and rather finicky ones like Japanese maples or fruit trees – you’re probably better off enlisting a professional to ensure that the trees don’t just survive but really thrive. You should also never hesitate to call a landscaper if you have problems like flooding in your yard because these could be a symptom of poor drainage that will eventually begin to attack the foundation of your home or invade your basement.

Landscapers can also help you create the kind of landscape that looks fantastic but never requires any work. So if you find yourself getting sick of mowing the grass, call a landscaper and have them show you some landscape designs that don’t involve weeding, trimming, or grass cutting.