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Tips Regarding Home Inspections And Real Estate Appraisals

Homeowners have to be especially careful about who they use for home inspections and real estate appraisals. This is because both industries are heavily regulated in . To do either profession, the individual should be licensed with the state. The licensing requirements are strict and involve passing exams and certain education requirements. If you are unsure whether your appraiser or inspector is licensed, ask them for verification and then go onto the licensing agency’s website and check.

Inspections and appraisals done by unlicensed people do not count towards home inspections and real estate appraisals. A bank can refuse to look at an appraisal from a non-licensed inspector, and a seller can demand a new inspection by a licensed individual. Therefore, in order to avoid spending the money twice, insist that your home inspector or real estate appraiser is licensed for the first inspection or appraisal.

There are other things to consider. Some counties require the seller to do a licensed home inspection before selling the house, and require the seller to cooperate with any appraiser the buyer wants to use. Other counties are less strict in their requirements. Lastly, make sure when you do the inspection and appraisal that they are signed by the same individual who is on the license. If the signatures are different, then you might have to re-do them.

As always, make sure you work with someone you are comfortable with. If you do not know who to use, contact your real estate agent. They know people in the inspection and appraisal industry you can use.