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K & K Contractors

1028 Elm Street
Carrollton, TX 75007

Phone: 972-242-2240



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  • Additions and Remodels
  • Tile Work
  • Flooring
  • Decorators and Designers
  • Landscaping
  • Bathroom Remodeling
  • Kitchen Remodeling
  • Custom Homes
  • Decks and Porches
  • Architects
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(Gulfport, MS)

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Damages and Repairs Judgment

I am a disabled senior female. I was a Hurricane Katrina victim and a victim of K&K Contractors/Marty Knight, Henry Knight, Sherri Knight and Danny Knight, owners of K&K Contractors out of Denton,TX/Dallas TX, Carrollton, TX. I live in Mississippi. Marty came across borders to do work for Katrina victims. I take that back. He came across borders to do fraudulent work. I will continue to post about his work until he pays the Judgment against him in Mississippi for over $85,000. He does horrible fraud work, lies, cheats and steals. He needs to own up and become a man for his son and pay his debts! What he did to my house is deplorable. The day they walked off they took all my flooring, tools, materials. His men drank and left beer bottles in my freezer and they exploded breaking my refrigerator. I was told no alcohol. No addicts. Lied. They even stole money out of my purse that they admitted to. They were to build a new sunroom but it is HORRIBLE. They were to put an overhang above a door and I got a raised roof instead. All his work had to be redone. His men fell through finished ceiling work leaving patch work holes in my new ceiling Was not properly repaired. K&K Contractors were worse than Hurricane Katrina herself! Roof had to be redone too. It leaks. Do not hire this man or his company. It is a family owned company. They hide behind each other. Own up and pay your debt to me. You caused more damage to my home than repairs. Show your son, Cody, and your daughter you do pay your debts. I see you are working so you should be able to pay your debts. I will stop posting about Marty Knight, his family owned business, K&K Contractors' horrible work when he and his family pay me in full. The foregoing information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge, information and belief. Under no circumstances should you hire this man or his family to do any contracting work for you. For now, I just cry every night while praying. JC Disabled Senior Female in MS

(San Antonio, TX)

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Marty hired me to do plumbing on a tenant finish-out.After the job, Marty will not pay what he owes me.He will not answer phone calls, return phone calls or e-mails. he does not operate with any integrity. I would not recommend using a company that cheats people in any way.

(Fort Worth, TX)

Our experience was awful. Two months ended up to be eight months of pure hell. He seemed to be a good businessman, but in the end he nor his "crew" were the professionals we paid top dollar for.

(Frisco, TX)

Marty called me one day to repair a floor for him at a historical home he was remodeling. He said he would call me as he wanted me to measure the floor the next day. It took a week for him to call. I did go out and looked at the floor, which was not well done by the prior floor company. I didn't measure the floor, I took his word for the measurements. I told him I could (repair, sand, stain and poly) the floor for $1.75/sq ft. He wanted to pay me $1.50/sq ft, due to his losing money on paying the hotel for the homeowners. I told him I couldn't do this as it was a lot of work, and even at $1.75 I wouldn't be making a profit. I was willing to do it to help him out as he told me he was in a bind. He wanted us to work Saturday and Sunday to get this done. On Saturday morning our guys were running late and I told him that they would be there about noon. He said that was fine because he had to stay there as his shed where he kept all his tools had been broken into and he was talking to the police. Once he was done (about 10:30 a.m.) he kept calling every 5 minutes, leaving messages. We finally dediced not to do the job as there was no contract signed and since he was in such a bind and at a loss, we didn't want to take the risk of not getting paid. Marty told me that he was over $2000 in losses as he was having to pay the hotel for the homeowners. Also, because the construction was taking a lot longer than he anticipated.


I would never recommend or hire this person again. Work was constantly delayed for 9 1/2 months and money draws were paid and work was never completed with only excuses. Never responded to BBB trying to resolve issue and phone calls and emails were rarely if ever returned. Out of the 9 1/2 months since contract was signed, they were probably out here 3 weeks. The house was left exposed to the elements for months. All I got was empty promises to complete job, then I found out they were working on the Gulf Coast , they had my money and never completed the job. Had to hire another contractor to finish the job and pay them again what I had already paid for the job.


K and K did an excellent job with our bathroom. We will definitely use again.


It has been an awesome opportunity with. She exceeded my expectations in every possible way!

(Grapevine )

So far everything has been great, although no work has been done. They provided a thorough estimate which I appreciate very much. I'd like to finish the rating after work has been done.


The overall quality of work was good. Value was great. They were very courteous and respectful of our property. If I had a complaint, it would be that there were some decisions that were proceeded with based on assumptions that were not discussed with us. When a change was needed, they were happy to change it, but there were some things that we settled for that we would have done differently if discussed first.

(Richardson )

Work was performed in a timely manner......results were great. My girls are very happy with the wallpaper Job. It's very cute. I would use K and K again in the future.

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