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Handyman Connection provides Fences services in Pompano Beach. Call them at 954-428-8181 for more details.

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Reviewed: Handyman Connection

We ask for a bid to install a chandelier and I figured I might as well get them to install the ceiling fan also. I could have done the fan. The man installed the fan. Then when he climbed the ladder for the light he said it was to high and he would have to get someone else to do it. Leaving the wall full of hand prints. When after a few weeks no one called about the light I got a letter from them saying the work was done. I talked to them and they say now they have to do a new bid. Why to RAISE THE PRICE. They said they would come clean the wall but I do not want them back in my house. So I paid for something I could have done and my light is still in the box. I will never use them again.

Reviewed: Handyman Connection

I had scheduled a simple bathroom job that would have taken no longer than a day to complete. I had used HandyMan Connection before in the past with very satisfactory ratings, and have even relied them to friends. So I had no problem one year later scheduling another job. We got a very low estimate for the job, put down a deposit and had a scheduled date of June 20 for work to begin. On the morning of June 20th, we received a phone call canceling the project for the day due to the handyman not being able to "find the proper parts". The parts had been a 3-surround tub enclosure. We went up to Lowes (the same one we agreed on using with the Handyman) that same day and they had 100s of those parts available. We rescheduled for the Wednesday (June 25) of next week. On June 24, we received a phone call from the very polite reception lady saying that the job was going to start June 29th. We corrected her and told her that we were promised June 25th. We were then told there was no way for them to work on it June 25th and that we had to have the work done June 29th. We requested some sort of resolution, since this was the SECOND mistake on their part, and they offered $25 off. We had already taken off work and lost about $100 in lost work so this simple discount was not going to cut it. So we ended up canceling the job. Who's to say they wouldn't cancel again on that Friday?? To top it off, the handyman scheduled to do our work lied and said he had talked to my husband and I about the schedule change and said that we agreed to make his appointment with us "flexible". This is bullocks. They never called us until that Tuesday and NEVER did we speak to the handyman about having flexible appointments. So as you can see, we are quite upset and appalled at this corrupt and unreliable business practice. The quality and reliability of this company has bombed since I had my first job done by them in June 2006. They canceled twice, and only offered 25 dollars off. This is ridiculous. If they had a client cancel on them twice they would have never served that client again. So it's best to save yourself time and money, and use a different contractor, or just do the job yourself. That is what my husband and I ended up doing! We waited for them for over two weeks and finally dropped their business due to their unreliability and untrustworthy business practice.

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