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Godwin Plumbing provides Bathroom Remodeling services in Grand Rapids. Call them at 616-243-3131 for more details.

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Leo & Mary O'Briere
Reviewed: Godwin Plumbing

Just a note to let your know that we feel the $75 charge was more than fair and that we readily appreciate your honesty and integrity in dealing with this matter. The toilet is almost trouble free now thanks to Michael Rau. A few more applications of that Solvent and we won't be able to hear a thing. Thank-You for your commitment to customer satisfaction! P.S. Were also grateful for the re-routing of the sump-pump drainage!!!

Bob W
Reviewed: Godwin Plumbing

Thank you for all of your help last Friday when our church experienced a carbon monoxide leak with our hot water heater. Your willingness to pull Matt and send him to our church on an emergency basis was very much appreciated and needed. We had a wedding scheduled for that evening, along with a full day in our offices preparing for our worship services. In addition, we had two banquets scheduled for Sunday. So, without hot water, we would have been in big trouble. Since the fire department would not let us occupy the building until the problem was diagnosed, we were not only without hot water but couldn't get into the building. Matt was wonderful! He diagnosed the problem quickly and dove right into the repair. We were able to occupy the offices by 9:30 AM and were able to finish all the preparations for Sunday.

Mrs A
Reviewed: Godwin Plumbing

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how pleased we were with the purchase and installation of our water softener on 1/7/2004 - your installer, Rick Brummel was very pleasant and very professional and did his job well. Also your salesperson Chris, also did a good job along with another gentleman we met before Chris - a white haired gentleman. I think his name was Jim (but I'm not sure) who sold us on the water softener as he said he purchased one about 2 1/2 years ago and he and his wife just love it - you have very nice employees - we will stop by in the spring to look at bathroom updates for our home, as I was impressed with your showroom.

John B
Reviewed: Godwin Plumbing

One of our goals is to be an industry leader in water quality. Godwin Plumbing has done an excellent job in preparing us for the future, and is a great resource in water quality innovation. With their continued support and our commitment to quality, we will be on the cutting edge in water technology

Thomas A
Reviewed: Godwin Plumbing

Just a quick complimentary note for a job well done. I made the mistake of going to one of the big home improvement stores by my house when I needed to repair my dripping bath faucet. I picked up what was called a universal repair kit for any single handed faucet . . . sure! After I received my refund, I navigated right down to Godwin like I should have done in the first place. A most courteous and helpful gentleman by the name of Gordy helped me and in a matter of a few minutes and with my parts in my hand, I was out the door and heading towards home. In less than 5 minutes I had my faucet repaired. It works like a champ now. Live and learn, if you want the job done properly, go see the experts. Thanks

Joan M
Reviewed: Godwin Plumbing

We live in an area with very high iron content in the water. The water looked, smelled, and tasted awful. Thinking that an iron filter was the answer, we tried several brands. None did the complete job we expected and for which we paid. Then we contacted Godwin Plumbing and learned about the Iron Curtain. It sounded good so we had one installed. For the first time in twenty-six years I can turn on a tap and not have to think about what may come out. Our water is clean looking and odor free. Only those who have to put up with "rusty" water will appreciate how delighted I am with the change. To these folks I can recommend without reservation the Iron Curtain and the service provided by Godwin Plumbing.

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