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Dyken's Commissoning Associates provides Decks and Porches services in Bellingham. Call them at 617-699-2200 for more details.

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Lori M
Reviewed: Dyken's Commissoning Associates

What a relief! Mike from Tasktechs showed up on time, assessed the work quickly and finished much quicker and for much less $ than all the quotes I got from other contractors! I can turn the lights on in my garage and the "ground fault outlet" thing he repaired works great! All of our outdoor plugs work now!

Alexandra R
Reviewed: Dyken's Commissoning Associates

I called TaskTechs because I was at the end of my rope with other contractors who would come out to my house, give me a quote and for some reason, never have the time to come back to do the work! I needed power for my dishwasher so I called Michael Dykens of Task Techs, not only did he show up on time (including a phone call to confirm) he handled each visit professionally, always scheduling his "on-site" time with me in advance. He finished his work quickly (never left a mess) and made great recommendations for other improvements. He always showed up prepared (he didn't need to leave every ten minutes to "go get something"), he had a great personality and assured me without doubt that each item I needed repaired would be done "No Problem". By the time TaskTechs was complete, the holes in my sunroom were patched and painted, the lamps were fixed so the correct switches turned on the appropriate lamps, my dishwasher has power (it never worked before), my cable lines are not running accross the center on my floor, I have an outlet in my bedroom for an AirConditioner (instead of three extension cords I was using), I now have light in my closet, the door jamb has been fixed and my downspout has been reinstalled! There are countless smaller tasks that he also took care of without even being asked that made a big difference. The best part is he did all this for much less than the other contractors would have charged just for the dishwasher! TaskTechs is now my first call for getting things done!