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Charles Chesna Carpentry provides Kitchen Remodeling services in Boston. Call them at 781-231-1049 for more details.

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We highly recommend Charles Chesna.


Charles designed the perfect solution to a problem area in our kitchen. He was always easy to contact and returned calls/emails promptly. It was a small project but the workmanship is gorgeous and it was installed on time. We would absolutely do another project with him again. Having seen pictures of his other work I would highly recommend him for small and large jobs.

john e

Two words that describe Charlie - quality and passion. Performed excellent work and explained each step of the project.


I would definitely have Charles Chesna do other projects for me. He recently built a large storage shed for us which we are very happy with. We wanted specific features for the shed, including matching the roof design to that of our house. He took the time to make sure the design was exactly what we wanted, and he made very helpful suggestions along the way. The construction of the shed is of very high quality, while still staying within our budget. He pays attention to every detail, and the finished product is just what we wanted!

Ryan D


Ryan K

My propety consists of a large antique home that at one time had been converted into a multi-use building, housing both commercial offices and residential living space. Initially constructed in the late 1700's and then expanded in the 1850's during the Greek Revival period, this converted home is centrally located in Bedford, Massachusetts' Historical District and is also listed on the National Register of Historic Buildings under the name Hartwell House. Being a historically significant building it was very important to us (as well as to the Historic District Committees) that we work with a builder/contractor who was familiar with early methods of construction and the techniques required for their proper repair. For obvious reasons it was also imperative that the builder be up to date on all aspects of the current Massachusetts State Building Code and it's implications in both commercial and residential construction, as this building would requir significant upgrades in areas relating to fire code compliance and handicapped accessibility. Finally, the builder would also have to be familiar with non-conventional methods of construction, such as the use of modern engineered lumbers and would need to be able to work well with architachs and engineers- as the building required "Controlled Construction" and the involvement of a professionally licensed Structural Engineer. Mr. Chesna's level headed approach to the project, combined with his ability to clearly communicate the needs of the building to us, made him an easy choice for the project. In his role as head carpenter and contractor, Mr. Chesna has been responsible for selecting and managing various sub-contractors including roofers, electricians, and plumbers. For each each of these roles Charlie condusted a formal quoting process and presented the bids to us along with his own feedback as to the individuals' character and their level of interest in the project. As a result, all sub-contracted work has been performed at the appropriate stages of construction and we have been very pleased with the quality of the woek as well as the quality of character of the people that have been brought in. As for Charlie's own skills, we have been very pleased with the quality of work that has been performed on our building. We have been further impressed by Charlie's attention to detail and his genuine interest in seeing that the proper choices are made at all points on this project. Charlie insures that any and all issues relating to the intergrity of the building are brought to light and addressed appropriately. In short, we consider Mr. Chesna to be a valuable resource and feel fortunate to have found him. We look forward to working with Mr. Chesna again on additional Real Estate development projects.

John C

Charles Chesna Carpentry offers customers three very valuable things: quality workmanship, taking the time to offer the customer a range of choices in design, and attention to little details that really make your home look and feel great. My wife and I hired Charles Chesna in Spring, 2004 to convert our 3-season sun room to 4-season use. This involved several key changes: 1) remove sliding glass doors and replace with six regular windows; 2) find a way to insulate the ceiling without cutting through the interior paneling; 3) enclose the floor located over an outside crawl space; and 4) design and install both exterior trim on the 6 windows. Mr. Chesna took a lot of time providing my wife and I with catalogs and other information on our choice of windows. Windows are a major investment in a home and I wanted something of high quality. Charles recommended an aluminum clad exterior/bonded wood interior Marvin window and they look beautiful. He did a very careful job installing the windows, insulating the space below them, and installing exterior trim that was an EXACT MATCH with the existing trim on our 1930's English Colonial house. One of the big parts of our project was getting the ceiling insulated. Two other companies I got quotes from wanted to rip the interior apart and install something completely new. I am very happy that Charles Chesna found a better way; he removed the exterior shingles on a small portion of our roof and added insulation ON TOP of the ceiling of our sun room from the inside cavity of the roof. Charles takes time to really use quality materials: he used a new kind composite trim board that lasts longer than regular wood, he used stainless steel nails on the exterior boards, and in reassembling our roof he did a very careful job in replacing the flashing and trim pieces to be sure the roof did not leak. If you want someone who treats your home the way he treats his own, I recommend hiring Charles Chesna. Neighbors have stopped by to ask us who we used and comment that the sun room looks great.

Bob B

Charles Chesna was hired during the summer of 2005 to rebuild our porch into a 3-season room, add a deck off the new room and reside the house. Overall we are pleased with the quality of his work. We were impressed with Charlie's attention to detail and interest that the best materials were selected for the project. Charlie clearly communicated the needs of the project and presented varous samples of siding and deck materials along with window samples so that we could evaluate alternate materials at the job site. The goal of the project was to select materials that would reduce future maintenance issues. Rather than selecting the traditional vinyl material as a low maintenance siding material, we decided to use a fiber cement material. Although fiber cement siding is farily new to the notheast area, Charlie was able to invesigate the merits of this type of siding and found it to be an excellent alternative to vinyl while having the appearence of cedar siding. With the addition of PVC trim boards, the house looks more impressive than we had anticipated. The design of the deck off the new room was well thought out and composite materials were selected from samples that Charlie had provided. We highly recommend Charles Chesna.

Alfred H

I would nominate Charles Chesna of 36 Glen Park Avenue, Saugus, MA 01906. Charles has just finished re-doing part of our Fraternity House, which consisted of partitioning 3 large rooms (which no-one liked) into 6 smaller rooms (which everyone seems to like). Charles quoted a figure for the whole job, which we accepted. When it came to choosing 6 new doors for the 6 rooms, he provided 90-minute fire rated doors. This was his choice- not ours. He could have provided cheaper wooden doors and pocketed a few bucks, but he chose the best for the safety of the students. When he divided the large rooms, he created two small vestibules as we had sketched out and requested. On completion, he found them to be somewhat dark. So he provided a light fixture in each at his own expense. The Boston Inspectional Services Department held up our request for a Building Permit for about four months, and we were getting nowhere. Charles spoke personally with Philip Taylor of the Boston Inspectional Services Department and got the log jam broken. We had requested no closets--just an open area 3 feet by 2 feet with a closet rod for the students to hand garments. Charles has his own woodworking shop in Saugus, and he created closets made from high-grade plywood. He milled them in Saugus, brought them to Boston and assembled them on site, and they look really good. He did the latter part of the job while students were occupying some of the rooms, and showed care for their possessions and great flexibility. I highly recommend Charles Chesna.

john v

Mr. Chesna added a farmer's porch with large white columns, vinyl sided my home, added new gutters, new doors, storm windows, trimmed out the windows, and added a 12 X 12 room onto my home (which included a hip roof, underneath storage space, a small deck and stairs, and beautiful x-large windows which is about 85% of the wall surface) The work he completed is the talk of the neighborhood. My home now stands out from all others and I could not be more pleased! What a job he has done and the most impressive portion of the job was the communication factor. Mr. Chesna schooled me on each stage of the project. His work is top quality while his prices were very reasonable. I would highly recommend him.

Dan L

My condo association wanted to restore the worn-out stairs in the vestibule of our historic building on Beacon Hill (Boston). The old treads were particularly thick and wide, spanning beyond either side of the double doors (not the kind you can pick-up at the local Home Depot). We contacted Charles Chesna Carpentry to see if they could produce the treads. Charlie came to our building, explained our options, and said he could produce which ever tread we selected. He also provided us with information on the removal of the old treads, as well as the preparation and installation of the new ones. So we order the treads from Charlie and are happy we did. Charlie produced beautiful oak treads, on time and on budget. He also provided us with a couple of risers that did indeed need to be replaced. Our installer agreed that the material and workmanship was top notch. After the work was done, Charlie contacted us to make sure we were happy with the treads and to find out if the installation went well. He really seemed to care. Thank you Charlie & company.

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